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Toning with Overtone

Updated: May 11, 2021

You know, they say redheads have more fun, and I can't agree more. One thing I have been delving into is Overtone products and trying out different colors every few weeks. I have yet to be disappointed and am completely IN LOVE!

Overtone is a line of conditioners that deposit rich pigments into your hair that is both cruelty-free and vegan. Currently, I am using the Coloring Conditioners, which is a deep conditioning treatment that is meant to either change, brighten, highlight, or freshen up your current color. Depending on how light your base is will result in how bright your color will be. Generally, the lighter the base, the more intense the color. The darker the base, the more subtle the color. Another big influence on the outcome is the amount of time you leave the conditioner in. Overtone recommends leaving the Coloring Conditioner on for 10-15 minutes, or longer for more intense color. I can agree on both paths. I have left it on for 15 minutes and saw color deposited in a more softer and lighter way, where as when I left it on for 30 minutes, the color was strong and vibrant. So far with my new obsession I have opted for leaving it on longer. =)

Now as someone with ash brown hair and blonde highlights, I knew that the color would be prominent on the highlights. When I apply, I tend to use at least two colors because I like to see varying tones in my hair. In the case for today's post, I used Orange for Brown Hair and Red for Brown Hair. Here is how my process goes and which has worked best for me:

1. Wash, shampoo, and dry my hair. It is easier for me to work with when dry.

2. Pick out my colors and get a plastic spoon for each color. I find using the spoons to take the color out of the jar makes less mess.

3. With gloved hands and in clothes I don't mind accidently getting the conditioner on, I start applying by using my fingers and massaging it into my hair. Generally, the thicker the amount of product you apply, the more intense color I have found. This stuff is pigmented and will stain if not careful.

4. I go in with color one first (usually the darker color) and apply it to the middle and tips of my hair. I kind of randomly pick out different portions to apply the conditioner to while making it symmetrically even for each side.

5. I then go in with color two (usually the lighter color) and apply to the middle and tips of my hair in the areas I skipped with color one. If I plan to do more colors I just space it out more and go in with a color three or four in additional steps.

6. I take my pigment covered gloves and rub the color in where my fade meets the top part of my head. This helps the color transitions subtly back to my natural tone from the top to the sides.

7. I comb through it all once when I am done applying and then let it sit for 30 minutes. I have noticed that with combing the hair it blends the colors nicely and also gets areas I might have missed.

8. After 30 minutes, I rinse my hair with cool water and shampoo once, then dry with a towel, and follow by blow drying it.

Now, I have been asked why I don't really do my roots, and I have a couple reasons why. One, as someone who overdyed their hair when they were younger, I have come to value these roots like a set of expensive name brand luggage. Even when when I have my highlights touched up my hair stylist stays at least an inch above the roots and I have yet to have any issues. I love the work she does! Two, as the color fades, the transition from natural color to the Overtone color is blended better. It just looks good to me that way, especially after the first week.

Here you can see color intensity after the initial application. Hints of red, orange, ginger, and rust... its like my hair forgot it's Spring and jumped back to Autumn for a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

With maintaining my color, I even put a routine in place to help the color hold longer, and yet still wash out and fade slowly back to my blonde. About after a weeks worth of cool washes, every other day shampooing, my color fades to about 50% intensity. After the second week, its about %25, and by then... well by then I am already starting my next color. Here you can see my color after a week and half. The intensity has left the building and I am here for this faded color. I actually prefer it more like this!

Simply said, this stuff is fun and I love it. I usually pick a color to transition the previous color better, so if I go blue based, I move to purple the next time, then red, then yellow, then green; you get the idea... think of how a rainbow works. If I want to jump the gun and go from blue to orange or green to red, I wait until its faded almost back to blonde so I do not get some off looking undertone. The best way to speed up the fading process in my experience is shampooing your hair with hot water frequently.

So with that all I have to say is that I really can't get enough of the Coloring Conditioners. I own about ten different colors now and have no plan stopping anytime soon! This product is not sponsored and I highly recommend it if you are looking for something fun to try. I usually change it up every two weeks, enjoying both the week of brightness and the week of subtle fading. Check out Overtone's Instagram for some inspiration. The levels of intensity and the variety of colors are amazing. Give it a shot and enjoy the rainbow, or as I am currently rocking, something of a ginger tinge. =)


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