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The West Elm Outlet and Their Amazing Finds

Have you ever been to a West Elm Outlet? Its like this unicorn of amazing furniture finds for a great price. This particular trip is my second one there and it was even better than last! I am totally making it a point to drive out to the Moreno Valley West Elm Outlet at least once every two weeks to see their inventory. I even made sure to go on a day after they got their new furniture deliveries to see if there were some good finds.... BOY WAS THERE!

One of the things I love about the outlet is that there is usually a clearance going on that marks the reduced prices down even more. When I went both times, there was a 40% off sale on chairs, sofas, tables, headboards, and sectionals.

I just love the variety of finds there. It's all West Elm, so you know the quality is there! I would say about 90% of the upholstered furniture was in excellent shape. Only a few pieces had a snare, a tear, or some other defect/ damage.

Looking at the huge variety of their inventory, you could totally furnish a space for a fraction of the cost it would be if you ordered it all directly. I found sofas normally there for 30% their normal retail value after the discounts. I mean... HELLO DEAL!!! Not to mention the fabrics! So many different fabrics across all these pieces really lets you sample something you might not have in store.

Now granted, there is a slight drawback with the huge assortment of fabrics, like when you are trying to do a pairing, a set, or a needing another piece to complete the item. The good thing is that you can always order it in store! One half of the sectional can come in the outlet, the other can come from the store... dye-lots be damned!

When it came to furniture like tables, dressers, cabinets, and storage, there were usually scratches or dings on them. I think for the savings, and depending on your artistic abilities, anyone could either live with it or cover it up. There were a few pieces there that I knew if I bought, I could fix at home in jiff!

And the accessories! Plenty of them there at a steal! Why look for a dupe is your budget allows for it on clearance? Right?! Savings on money and time is a win win for this guy! =)

All in all, this is a place I will frequent regularly. It kind of reminds me of when I used to go to the thrift store with my grandma as a kid. I have my eyes out for particular pieces in certain fabric ranges that I plan to snatch up once they make their grand appearance. One thing to remember is that the outlet is final sale, so as one of the girls there told me, CHECK EVERYTHING BEFORE YOU BUY. You know I will have my detective hat on before I make my purchase. And once it's delivered, you will be the first to see it!

Until next time!


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