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The Green Obsession


Have I told you how obsessed I have been with plants lately? REAL PLANTS?!

Like, give me a rainbow of green in my house. It has been an explosion of Gaian hues in every room.

All-Natural air purifiers? Yes please! I swear my house has smelled “fresher“ since I brought them in.

All the shapes and sizes of each have really added their own pizazz to each room.

To be honest, I thought I’d kill them all. One by one they would turn into a dried husk! Nope!

Plus with all the cats, my faux plants had seen better days. Rips, tears, and teeth marks! I needed some alternative.

I’ve been swapping out our faux plants as we have been finding these beauts at Lowe’s and HomeDepot. The ferns are my favorites.

Plus I love the cost savings of real vs faux. You know I love my pocket change! Of course I spent the savings on these to-die-for pots!

All the plants we bought too are cat and dog friendly. We have chewers after all.

Rosemary and Basil, yes! I’ve been clipping these for some of the meals I make. Yum!

I‘ll probably have to update our cover page! Here’s hoping that money tree puts some good juju in the air! She was so small when we got her. She’s the oldest!

Well folks, as you can see I have a habit I do not want to quit! I adore having these living lovelys in our house. The color, texture, shape, its everything I could want. And those pots? Marshals and Homegoods finds!

Now I just need one of those Plant Daddy shirts. ;-)

Until next time!


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