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Switch It Out: Lily's Milk Chocolate Chips

So, if you haven't gathered by now, I have a sweet tooth. When I was a kid it was sweets and more sweets. Now as an adult, I constantly go back and forth between savory and sweet, looking for that play by play that satisfies my cravings. One of the most common things I use (and everyone else practically) is milk chocolate chips.

You can either make them the star, the support, or that little flare that brings your dish to perfection. For example, when I make cakes I use them as a yummy textural decoration on the frosting. Sometimes I melt them down and dip fruit in them. I even make my own trail mix and granola with them. Cookies and Ice-cream flavors? You know it! And when you pair chocolate with a nice Cab... YUM!

With that being said and my preciously expanding waistline, I needed to find some middle ground. How could I continue to enjoy this versatile treat without dealing with the calorie and sugar high backlash? Thank goodness for Lily's! Say hello to my little friend, Lily's Milk Chocolate Style Baking Chips.

When I transitioned to healthier living a few years ago on Keto, one of the major changes was the reduction in sugar. Back then, Lily's wasn't as available as it is today. I was only finding recipes online on how to make your own chocolate chips. You really couldn't find much of an alternative in stores. Making it from scratch was cost effective, but honestly when it comes down to snagging a bag or making it from scratch, I usually default to convenience. I used to order these from Amazon, but now-a-days I can easily get these from Target, Vons, and Sprouts for a pretty fair price. Heck, I just went to Target today on my lunch break and snagged three bags for 25% off! You know I love when healthier eating and savings play together.

Let's look at the breakdown. With 55 calories a serving, 4g of fat, and 1 net carb, yeah, you know I am a fan. The reason why it is so low in carbs and sugars is because it is using Erythritol as its sweetener and has a decent amount of fiber. As someone who incorporates these into their nightly dessert, I can attest that there is no menthol cooling feeling you can get with other foods that use Erythritol. It melts, bakes, and tastes just like the original deal. You can't go wrong with these numbers!

So, next time you are out, switch it out! Give Lily's Milk Chocolate Style Baking Chips a try. They are a wonderful addition to any pantry that is looking to make a healthier transition. Absolutely love them, and that feeling is completely unsponsored! Let me know how you plan to use them in your meals. Till next time!


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