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Special Treat from Three Dog Bakery

I almost took a bite it looked so good! The only thing wrong with that sentence is that if I had done it, it would have been less for our dogs. So I withheld.

We took a trip two weeks ago to San Clemente in order to get out of the house and take in some much needed fresh beachside air. As we walked down Avenida Del Mar we happened upon Three Dog Bakery. Now, we were on the move to get to the pier and the beach before it got too packed, but both Stephen and I made a note to grab a treat for the fur babies on our way back. Two hours later we waded through the crowds and kept our promise. Hello lovely slice of carrot cake!

I mean, isn't that just something to behold? Stephen's favorite cake is carrot cake, and lord knows I make an amazing carrot cake from scratch. It only seemed fitting that Sophie and Jack get to have some too. Their "Let 'Em Eat Carrot Cake" is all the goodness without the sugar, and no I don't mean Keto! It has wheat flour, carrot, cinnamon, and honey. Oh what a treat! See what I did there?

When we got home with this little delight, Sophie and Jack instantly new something delicious was headed their way. We opened that box up and plated it for them as if it was a fine eating experience. Jack took his piece down in a gulp, Sophie, ever the picky eater, took two sniffs and then started to work! I am happy to say that there wasn't a crumb left when they were done.

Is this something we will get again? Absolutely! There is something sweetly magical about making or getting little treats for our doggos that resemble something we would eat. And you know what? Next time, Stephen and I will have our own slice of carrot cake to go along with theirs. After all, we are proponents of eating together as a family! =)

Until next time.


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