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Six Simply Stylish Rugs from Target You Have to Check Out

If there is one thing we have plenty of in our house... is area rugs. They define the space, set the foundation, and can be a source of inspiration for any room. Not to mention the style and comfort factor that each gives. An area rug is a MUST in this house!

One place that I source for the majority of my rugs is Target. I love their Target brand rugs, from Project 62, X Studio McGee, Hearth & Hand, Threshold, and Opalhouse. I generally keep my rug cap around $200 for large rugs, usually 7x10s. When you have senior fur babies and kiddos who forget to take their shoes off, I have found these rugs to be well worth the price!

Recently, Target has definitely been increasing their selection with different patterns, textures, and colors. So much so, I feel like I want to buy almost each and every one of them! But of course, the pocketbook can only go so far. Here are my top six rugs that are catching my eye this month.

1. Wellsville Handloom Flatweave Stripe Rug Gray- Threshold designed with Studio McGee

I think I am going to get this one. This rug comes in both a 5x7 and 7x10, and has soft shades of gray that range from charcoal to grayeige. I love the modern aesthetic of this rug. While gray can lend toward the cooler side of the spectrum, the grays here have a subtle brown base that keeps it feeling warm! I would totally use this rug for an office space where the furniture was on the warmer wood tone, or in a bedroom where where it plays off of grays, tans, and terracotta in bedding.

You can find it on Target here.

2. Cottonwood Plaid Wool/Cotton Area Rug- Threshold designed with Studio McGee

I love me a good plaid! This rug comes in both a 5X7 and 7x10, along with a Cream/Tan and Neutral color options! You know I love options! We have had the Neutral one for almost a year now and it has held up quite well. Being wool, it is subject to staining, however a quick wash out back and it's back to new looking! The rugs soft feel would be great in a nursey or loft, adding a modern masculine accent to the room.

You can find it on Target here.

3. Annandale Area Rug Solid Neutral- Threshold

If you are like me, and you love yourself a good jute rug, snatch this one up! It comes both a 5x7 and 7x10, and for the price you cant beat it! It will lend any room a soft neutral foundation that can be added to with pops of color or subtle earth tones. This rug would be great in a family room or dining room, and even as the base for a nice layered rug effect... after all, who doesn't love layering rugs?

You can find it on Target here.

4. Westlake Placed Persian Style Rug Tan- Threshold designed with Studio McGee

There is something about this rug that keeps calling me to it. I don't know if it is the tribal pattern, or the two tone effect... but I want it. It comes in both a 5x7 and 7x10, complete with tassels at the end. I can see this rug in a posh boho bedroom, or a modern office (yes, that is what I am thinking for our house). It is a neutral base, with a little flair at each end.

You can find it on Target here.

5. Pattern Stripe Area Rug Sour Cream- Hearth & Hand with Magnolia

I love that this rug is White-White. One thing Hearth & Hand has going for it is their off whites that don't look dingy! I have their towels in the sour cream color and it a beautiful soft warm white. This rug comes in a variety of sizes, from runners all the way to the usual 2x3, 5x7, and 7x10, not to mention two colors; Sour Cream, and Jet Gray. This rug would be perfect for an all white tone inspired living room, or a sun room that is bathed in sunlight and wicker!

You can find it on Target here.

6. Hillside Hand Woven Wool/Cotton Area Rug Brown- Threshold

Um, can we say winner? Both Stephen and my coworker both mentioned to me how much this was their favorite. Well, I bought it and put in in our den, and I absolutely LOVE IT! It is both simple and modern at the same time. Each part, the gray, and the brown, have different patterns that add that special interest that catches your eye. This rug is perfect in a den (ours lol), and in a bedroom that's looking for a modern cowboy meets costal rustic. A must buy!

You can find it on Target here.

Well all, there you have it! Any one of these rugs would be the perfect foundation for any space. The one thing they all have in common is that while their design is simple, their style and subtle pattern makes a wonderful impact on the feel of the room. These rugs are building blocks that enable anyone to take their room towards a more modern, boho, farmhouse, traditional, southwest, or coastal aesthetic.

Have you added one to your cart yet?

Until next time!


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