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Relocating the Daybed for a Quick and Easy Dining Room Makeover

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Hey all!

It feels like it has been a hot minute since we got the daybed for the den. I love it in there and have relaxed on it multiple times with the doggos.

That being said, a part of me wanted to try putting it in our dining room. Something about putting it against a large window kept nagging at me until I managed to rope Stephen into moving furniture early on a weekend morning.

Boy am I happy we did!! We managed to scoot it off to the side against the courtyard window.

Once it was in the dining room I knew I needed to switch out the pillows to a more subdued palette.

Now I know what you are probably thing.. that is a lot of white for a dining space! Rest assured, a good collection of cleaning products and Scotchgaurd will help keep our daybed fresh!

We even added a lamp off to the side to give the space more purpose as a lounge. I think the vision started to become it‘s where you could read and have a nice glass of “something or other.”

Heck, I could even cuddle up under a blanket and read a good book next to this window.

I just love how the white of the daybed ties into the white from the captain’s chairs and curtains.

And no sooner had we placed it and snapped a few photos, the Sophie and Jack had to inspect our work!

And this rug in front of the daybed… I think adds a wonderful touch!

I‘d wager Jack has found his new watchdog spot too! 😉

I love how moving the daybed in front of the window almost makes the dining room feel even larger!

Of course now I need to figure out what do put back in the den where the daybed used to be. HMMM…

Until next time!


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