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Product Review: Wood & Cane Coffee Table - Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Dear God this table is nice! Have you seen the Wood & Cane Coffee Table by Hearth & Hand with Magnolia at Target? A few months back we were shopping at our local Target (because it's adult Disneyland LBH), and we saw the end table out on display. To say we liked it would be an understatement. LOVED IT! Seeing it in person really helped solidify our decision to race online and order up the coffee table. It only took a few days and it was on our doorstep.

Now, we have ordered a few other pieces from Target, and this was one of their easier to assemble items. Everything came packed completely and was protected. What a sigh of relief that there wasn't any damage or defects on the pieces! Always inspect before you assemble kids. ALWAYS.

Assembly was pretty straightforward. Attach the legs to the table top and then attach the cane shelf. We finished it in 5 minutes... just like my glass of wine. =)

The collection itself comes in two finishes, Natural and Black. While I love myself a good black table, heck we have one in the living room, I wanted to go for something a little airier and light, so we chose the Natural finish. It has an oaky look to it with a subtle gray wash over it. The wash keeps the table neutral without the harsh yellow/orange tones you might see in other similar pieces.

With dimensions of 18" long, 40" wide, and 20" high, it makes the perfect sized coffee table for either a compact space or to open up the room by keeping it light and airy. It is made out of a combination of wood and wood composite, and I love how the table top is solid and the shelf is rattan.

We've had it for a couple months now and it has held up pretty well. We put our wine glass on it, the cats walk all over it and play on the shelf, and I think it displays my decor items perfectly!

If this has peaked your interest and seems like a piece that you would like to add to your space, you can click the link here that will take you directly to Target.

In Hearth & Hand by Magnolia's collection at Target, I have really come to love their wood and cane furniture. The table coordinates wonderfully with their other cane and wood pieces like the side tables, consoles, and even works as a wonderful contrast to their spindled furniture or Project 62 pieces. This style is a nice cross between Farmhouse and Midcentury Modern, in my unsponsored and unaffiliated opinion of course! A must buy for a Modern, Boho, Farmhoise, Midcentury, or Coastal look.

You can find the coffee table at Target here.

Until next time!


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