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Product Review: Ramanta Home White Curtains from Amazon

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

When I first tried looking for white curtains on Amazon I knew it was going to take some Trial and Error. I was under a stricter budget than last time and unfortunately Ikea and Target did not have what I was looking for. What I had in mind was something light and airy, textured yet soft, and opaque enough to not be see through yet still let in the light. That was a tough bill to fit with my budget of $25 a panel.

After searching Homegoods and Ross, I turned to Amazon. I think I ordered six different brands of white curtains before I found the ones I am writing about today. Let me tell you, online shopping is a lot like online dating, where descriptions and photos can be a little misleading. One set I ordered were labeled Ivory White, and when I took them out of the package, they looked like something I snagged from Aunt Debra's house who chain smokes inside. There really should be a color called Tobacco White.

Another set I got what supposed to be light filtering with privacy; it was see through like a naughty negligee. Then there were ones the ones that looked like jersey shorts from 9th grade PE class, and the ones where it was as white as someone who overbleaches their teeth, or the ones that when I looked at them they just screamed CHEEEEEEAAAAAP. The struggle was real!

I was about to give up when I stumbled across the ones I ended up purchasing. I've had them for about a year now and the name keeps changing, but the current name is Tab Top Curtains, Farm House Curtain, Cotton Curtains...; the title goes on and on. It is from the Ramanta Home Store on Amazon. I think they figured "screw the name, let's just make the title a description of what people look for." It worked because I found it! Good marketing ploy there Ramanta.

These curtains fit exactly what I was looking for. They had texture like a linen blend, sans the price. They were a crisp clean white with a warm undertone, rather than that odd blue gray undertone I found in others. They came in several sizes and I went with the 50x108 due to the tall ceilings and windows in our house. Being 100% slub cotton I will warn that once you wash, it does shrink, so either prewash before hanging or plan ahead minimum 4 inches of loss if you hem. I decided not to hem, but rather fold and clip, just in case I needed more length later on. The panels have tabs on the back for your curtain rod, however I did not use them and just hung them with curtain rings.

I mean, just look at these beauties. For around $40 a pair, the quality is there, they are easy to hang and care for, and they look great! I love them so much that I am slowly replacing our curtains in the house as the budget allows. While we had the Ikea Sanela cotton-velvet curtains in cream, these ones bring that crisp, clean, and fresh neutral white look. At first we had the old Sanela ones in the family room and breakfast nook, and the Ramanta ones in dining room, living room, and den, and believe me when I say the difference was obvious. The cream gave a warmer tone to the room and made everything feel quite cozy. However the Ramanta ones being so white allowed the sunlight to illuminate the room in a way where it still felt warm, but without the cream/beige undertone that the Sanela ones did. Stephen kept saying, "it makes things looks their actual color and everything looks so clean!" I think that curtains like these span styles from rustic, farmhouse, traditional, French, costal, and modern. They play nicely with almost any style. =)

I love these curtains! I really absolutely do. Not sponsored, but definitely worth sharing the good word on this find. I've attached an unaffiliated link here for you to take a look. They may not have as many reviews online as other's do, however their quality speaks volumes about how complimentary they are. Happy hunting!


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