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Product Review: Faux Leather & Metal Accent Chair - Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

This accent chair is a looker! When I saw it first come up on Target's website I knew instantly I had to have it. One quick show to the husband and we ordered our first one within minutes. By the time our order went through, they were out of stock.

I was sitting in the office when Stephen text me it was delivered with a photo of how it looked after taking it out of the box. Beautiful. I wanted to sit in it with a glass of wine while talking to my husband about my day at work, however I was still thirty-five miles and two hours away. When I got home, I was not disappointed.

The chair is sized at 32"h x 24"w x 28"d and comes in around $200. It is a combination of cognac faux leather, black metal, and greige wooden arms. The x-style on the metal base and sling-style of the faux leather seat give it a modern aesthetic perfect for almost any type of space.

Pros: It came already assembled, didn't arrive damaged or defective, mixed materials, small frame but wide seat, easy to move around, easy to clean, and it has this airy look with the thin metal legs and arms that visually doesn't take up too much space.

Cons: Back and seat cushions are attached via Velcro (however it does keep them in place), seat depth leans more shallow, and both back and seat cushions are on the firmer side.

The Pros IMO outweigh the Cons as most of these can be attributed to personal preference. These chairs have migrated from the living room, to the family room, and now the dining room. Something about them with the dinner buffet, the table, black chairs... it all just meshes together in this masculine loungey vibe type of way. I tend to find myself sitting in these and listening to music, drinking wine before dinner as the table is being set, and somehow still talking about work that day. I'd categorize these as accessory pieces of furniture; by themselves they don't ground the space, but add them into a room and they instantly elevate the space like your favorite piece of jewelry or leather shoes.

So if you have found yourself swayed, check out the chair on No sponsorship was needed for me to say how much I love these little chairs. Maybe you will feel the same way. =)


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