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Product Review: Ceylon Woven Accent Chair- Opalhouse at Target

Hey all!

It has been a busy last month and a lot of great things have been happening at the house!

One of the biggest changes we undertook is updating our loft. The amount of thought and time that has taken us on reconfiguring the space, enhancing function, and ensuring we all are comfortable has paid off!

One of the best pieces we brought into the space is the Ceylon Woven Accent Chair by Opalhouse from Target. We ended up going with two in the space for added seating and I could not be happier! You can find them on Target’s website here.

I’ve actually had my eyes on this chair for a long time and after going back and forth over the different colors (brown, black, and natural), we finally settled on good old brown!

I think the brown reads more as camel. It has a nice red hue to it that plays nicely off the beech wood tone.

As for comfort, this chair is firm and supportive! I like how you “sink” into the seat and that it is low to the ground. The back of the chair comes up to about mid back , and all together it is pretty wide.

While Pottery Barn has a similar chair, for a little over $200 this version from Target is a steal! We have cats and dogs and they have all hopped up and taken a nap on these two gems. So far the faux leather is holding up!

These chairs definitely give off a midcentury modern rustic vibe. Even better is how a fur throw and chunky pillow finishes off the look and comfort! All in all, this has been a great purchase and we are super pleased and this chair would go great in any room from midcentury to farmhouse.

Until next time.


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