New Floors Upstairs



It has been a while and life has been busy, so let’s jump right into it!


One of the biggest changes we have made over the last month was finally changing out our floors.  We have been eyeing LVP for some time now in a bid to change out all the gross gray carpet we had upstairs. 

We knew we wanted to go light and bright, so we limited our selection to floors that were light, neutral, and softly grained.


While we had wanted to do it ourselves, we just didn’t have the time.  We ended up going with The Home Depot and we are so glad we did.  What would have taken us weekends over 5 months, Home Depot’s flooring installers did under a week. All we had to do was paint the trim!


Say hello to our new floors in Dusk Cherry by Lifeproof. I mean, can we just appreciate the beauty here?  While it says cherry in the name, it definitely leans more neutral brown than red.


And just look at how much it has opened up the space?  Say goodbye to all the drab, gross, gray carpet. I can’t put into words how “clean” it feels to walk on the new floors.


Why LVP?  Family, friends, and pets.  Low maintenance and can take the roughness in everyday life was the big seller here.


Soon enough, we will do the downstairs and get rid of our tile. Oh I can’t wait for that!


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