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Monday's Finds: Living it up with Living Spaces

You know what? Living Spaces is stepping up their game and I am here for the ride!

This weekend the husband and I took a drive out Rancho to check out Living Spaces and boy was our interest peaked. We have shopped there for years and have slowly seen them roll with the times and the current design trends. So far this year they are embracing California Costal, Modern Rustic, Mid Century, and a splash of Boho Chic!

Take this chair for example. Velvet green fabric, natural cane-backing in a black frame... Hello Boho Chic sexy! All you need is a nice gray and white patterned pillow.

And this coffee table? It would be perfect in someone's sunroom next to a slipcovered sofa. The combination of plank details and woven bottom can swing this coffee table either California Costal or Modern Rustic.

Now, I am a fan of a good sectional, especially symmetrical ones. We both plopped on this gem and absolutely loved the deep seating. I didn't want to get up! With the tapered legs and thin arms, this could fit in a Mid Century or Modern Rustic space. One thing I love about Living Spaces is how you can change up the fabrics on their sofas. Maybe an ivory linen or heathered oatmeal color instead? That corner was calling my name and all I needed was a knit blanket.

This little mix caught my eye as the stone top and metal bottom make a perfect combination for this coffee table. Look at how thick that slab is! It could go great in a living room, family room, a den, or even wine room. While it does tend to lean a little more Modern Rustic, it could fit in almost any other space when you play up the décor on it.

Something about this console table caught his eye. I think it was the brass frame and light wood. Maybe Boho-Rustic vibes? A great piece to change up the feel of a room, like when pairing it with a white dining table, or using it as a media stand in a library across a cognac leather sofa. Cigar anyone?

This little bench was just too cute to pass up. At some point last year boucle sprang onto the scene and now I see it everywhere. Perfect for at the end of a bed or in an entry way, or even in front of a fireplace in a great room. The fabric is warm and cozy for any space that would give a little nod to Boho and Mid Century style.

How about loveseat from Magnolia Home? I am getting some comfy velvet sleek "let me just curl up on you" vibes. I love the tufted bench cushion and charcoal color. This would be great in an office with whitewashed shiplap or in a great room next to a white slipcovered sofa (yes, yes, I have an obsession).

And this trio! Either piece would be great on its own, definitely not together or it might be a little too matchy-matchy. I see this on covered balcony, or as a accent in a reading room, or even a breakfast nook. Costal Boho never looked so good with the amount of warmth the rattan tone brings!

Halt! This stopped me in my tracks. I. LOVE. A. BLACK. COFFEE. TABLE. It elevates any space and brings a sense of mood and weight to any room. I adore the different direction that each piece of the table top goes. I probably would use it against a sofa rather than a sectional in order to keep the space feeing more open with such a weighted piece.

Okay, I'll admit, I am keeping my eye on and dollar's saved for this one. Even Stephen was like, "that's niiiiice!" It practically checks off everything on my list on a piece that gives subtle sophistication The warm white paint, soft wood texture, and bronzy accents with the pulls and feet... why I would say this is destined for our room eventually! Hey, a guy can dream right? =)

Lastly, this console unit had something about it that I almost wanted to splurge on... even if I did not have a place immediately to put it. The layering of texture with the washed wood front and brushed metal frame just makes it a statement piece all on its own. If I didn't have a dinner buffet I loved already, I'd snatch this piece up.

Well folks that is all I have to share for this trip! I will definitely be making a visit back there again to check out some of their new pieces that are headed to the floor over the coming season. One thing I love about Living Spaces is for a big box store they can sure keep up with the times. The shift to more mixed materials and eclectic styles can be seen throughout their showroom. Especially with designer brands and their Elements collections spicing up the décor selection. The Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent line has peaked my interest and I am loving their blending of modern and retro. I even have a china cabinet from one of their previous launches. Till next time!


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