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Loveseat Lovin'

So, tell me, are you fawning over our fawn loveseat yet? Did you see what I did there? I couldn't resist.

We had been thinking for a while on how to mix up our living room with something that wasn't traditionally our style. We looked at couple of different options including a tufted leather loveseat, one with a curved channel back, and one with an English roll arm. What came down to it was a few factors, it had to be pet claw friendly, it had to fit the space, and the profile needed to be similar our cream sofa and not completely out of left field.

Yup, we got a standard box arm. Exciting right? No. Well, it originally was going to be gray, but what was the fun in that? After taking a few fabric samples home and taking a vote, it seems everyone was on trend with the fawn color, and honestly, I WAS TOO! I also might have swayed a few votes that way. #thetruthwillsetmefree

Fawn, or as my bestie calls it, "light tan", has been on trend now for over a year it seems. Its like a more refined throwback to the Ghost of Retro Colors Past. We wanted something that would play nicely with our cream rolled arm sofa and also create a nice juxtaposition of traditional and modern. Going with a simple box arm, the fawn color gave a little pizzazz to the piece. A little masculine sturdy sexiness that balanced the femininity of the cream rolled arm sofa.

Also, there are so many fun pillow combinations to try on it!

This loveseat truly is a stand out piece in our house, and thankfully in a good way! We ordered it from Macy's Radley collection in the Gypsy fabric in the color Grain. Coming in at 62" wide and 39" deep, it's small and spacious at the same time. I love the borderline deep seating and low 30" back with detachable cushions (seriously, detachable cushions is a thing, a good thing). Its modern meets classic with a blend of comfy and streamlined. This is my unsponsored recommendation to anyone looking for a box arm sofa. The cushions are stuffed with foam and fiber, so while a little on the firm side they do soften over time. Heck, we have the Radley in our four year old sectional that is still going strong!

All in all, it was a great buy and an awesome addition to our home. We love it and use it! It isn't just a pretty piece. The cats are perched on it, we drink wine on it, sometimes it's the seat of my office, and it's always a comfy place to watch Outlander. So, if you find yourself in need to mix up your space, try a page from our book and go with a piece that is different from your normal pick, plays nice with the other pieces in the room, and and above all, something you can use!

Till next time!


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