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Looking Beyond The Fringe

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

For a couple of months we had been looking for a large tray for our ottoman in the family room. Some were too big, too small, too expensive, or the wrong material. We knew we wanted something wicker or rattan, but everywhere we checked anything close to what we wanted was way out of the budget. A $150 for a tray? I don't think so.

One day while we were strolling through Target and we came across this number. It was a wicker basket with grass fringe all around the top edge from their brand Opalhouse. I was definitely getting some boho tiki lounge vibes.

*Target Image

Stephen referred to it as "the tray with fringe benefits". Fringe benefits... I still chuckle when I think of that. Well, we wanted none of those benefits. We looked over the the dimensions and it was the perfect fit at under $30. That fringe though... That is when I looked past what was in front of me and proposed we buy it and try to remove the fringe. If it worked, we would have what we had been looking for at a great price. If not, well, I supposed we would have regifted it at Christmas. So we bought it!

Let me tell you, it was three glasses of wine and two hours worth of cutting out the fringe without damaging the wicker frame. BOY WAS IT WORTH IT! Hi Gorgeous. How you doing?

We have had it for almost three years now and love it just as much as the day that it shed its fringe benefits. I mean, just look at it! It's simple, light and airy, a hint of natural, and its something that could be styled to any room. It proved to be a great foundation for creating a little moment on our oversized ottoman. Candles, coasters, books, box with remotes; got it!

All in all, it was worth the time and the effort. Also, thank goodness I had my glasses on that day or else there might have been a few snipped pieces of wicker. This really required some precision that could have ended up in tears with the wrong snip for this DIY! Sometimes it really does pay off to look beyond what you see to what you want, as long as you are willing to put the work in to it. Happy Hunting!


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