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Loft Update: Part 1

If there is one room in our house that has been underutilized... it is our loft. It's a spacious 11x16 room over the living room, at the front of the house. Originally, we had hoped kiddos would use this space as a play and recreation room, however they prefer their own rooms LOL.

When we first decorated the loft, it was 5 years ago in the peak of Farmhouse style. Distressed wood, tone on tone gray, and a few fun decorative accents was the theme. While it worked then, it wasn't working for us now. In fact... we kind of avoided the room. It didn't feel like us.

Fast forward to two weeks ago and we were set to redo this room! We wanted something that felt current and more like our costal modern rustic style. Goodbye distressed gray and hello sleek black and cane!

One of the biggest changes was switching out the entertainment unit. Truth be told, it was a massive piece that dominated the room. It made it feel smaller, and boy what a difference once we took it out.

I love how the new units lined together create a streamlined and aesthetically functional look. The caning on the cabinets allows all the electronics and games to function without being seen. Hello functionality, we got your call!

We also moved the floor lamps to the other side of the room and brought in two new accent chairs. They are great for gaming or when the room is packed! So far a huge win with the cats. Still deciding on pillows though. Which one do you prefer?

The other big change was mounting the TV and speaker. Stephen has been wanting to do this for years, and I am loving it! Mounting both freed up usable space on the cabinets and also helps keep the room feeling less compacted.

On our to do list is:

New sectional, coffee table, area rug, table lamps, and possibly a desk .

We had two desks in there that were used during homeschool, but now that kiddos are back in school, the usually prefer to do their homework in their rooms.

Maybe the loft will be more of a family/ adult lounge? I have found myself spending more time up there now that we have started making changes.

Do you ever redo a room and the before and after of time spent in it changes? Even though everything is new, it seems that it feels more familiar and casual. Cant wait for Part 2!

Until next time.


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