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Legs for Days

So, ever have a piece of furniture that you bought at one point because you loved it, but then down the road it just no longer meshed with your style? Guilty.

Two years ago we bought two chairs from Living Spaces that I had been eyeballing for a year and finally bought. They were custom ordered, gray velvety fabric, rolled arms, and an arched back. Perfect for a Rustic or Farmhouse style that uses a lot of traditional pieces as the foundation.

The problem though was that by the time we got them, our style had already begun to change. They were great chairs don't get me wrong. Sturdy pieces with substance. However we had already started transitioning our style toward more of a Transitional California Costal vibe and these chairs just seemed to clash. We had them in the seating area in our bedroom for about a year and half before I finally threw in the towel and moved them to the garage. This was after months of trying to style them different ways to make them appear more modern.

Well, until today they were under a sheet in the garage. I was rearranging my sitting room and I started thinking about those chairs. I liked them, just something about them was throwing things off... it was THE LEGS! Something about the stock legs that came when we ordered it just really kept the chair in this traditional looking box that prevented it from transitioning to something more current. The fabric and shape were great, but the legs... oh those black spindly legs.

That is when it occurred to me I had some extra ones in the garage. Hello modern driftwood colored legs! Just comparing those to the original black legs I could see the difference it would make. They were shorter, square, and the wood tone was much lighter. Well, you know what I did, I brought those chairs in the house and switched out those legs.

UM WOW. JUST WOW. That little leg switch-a-roo was a game changer. Yes the chair is traditional in shape, but the legs bring a modern flare that also ground the fabric as comfy and current. With the legs being at least 2.5" shorter, and the back ones were even shorter than the front, it allowed the chair to sit lower and have a nice sloped back.

I was gobsmacked! They not only changed how the chair looked, but how it functioned. They were way more loungey now! I love the shorter profile with the deep seat. As you can see here in the styling, any type of pillow plays nicely with the leg update. Got to love a good set of legs, AM I RIGHT? Now to find a place for them! Until then, enjoy some nice pillow and throw vibes below. =)

Nice right? Well, next time there is a piece of furniture you are thinking about packing away or selling online, double back and see if there isn't and aspect of it you can change that will reinvent it. Maybe its knobs on a dresser, fabric on a chair, paint on a mirror, you know... something that will make you fall in love with it all over again.

Until next time!


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