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Laundry Room Makeover WIP- Part 2

So what did we think of the progress so far with Part 1 of our Laundry Room Makeover? If you haven't seen it yet, you can check it out here. Has the suspense been keeping you at the edge of your seat? I know it has for us, and we live here!

Every time we walk into the room I just feel so happy. The power of paint is a thing! When we went from cream to the crisp white and sage green, it was like a breath of fresh air came into the room. Seriously, paint can either make or break a space, and for our laundry room it was the perfect foundation for what is to come. Hello Lighting!

Now ,I am a fan of lighting. I do not mean toss a lamp or sconce here or there and call it a day. No, no.. nothing like that. When I say lighting, I am talking about task lighting, ambient lighting, and mood lighting. For a room to really look its best, one needs to have a combination of different types of lighting.

When we bought the house it came with some not so fabulous contractor grade domed lights in the laundry room. You know... boob lights. I mean, they really are a piece... of something. Don't get me wrong, boobs are amazing and beautiful in their own right, just not on my laundry room ceiling. Even more so when they have spray texture on them. Say it with me kids, "textured boobs". This is a thing that needed to go!

One day while sipping wine on the sectional Stephen and I were scrolling through and found the most interesting fixtures. Right away when I looked at them I knew they would be perfect for the laundry room. The combination of a transitional matte black plate and a modern boho stick dome was giving me all the midcentury vibes I wanted. You better believe I took my $5 off $50 coupon and ordered two lights instantly! Hey, when you find something you love, don't let it get away, and our gut was saying these were the lights!

It took about two days for us to get them delivered to our porch. When I saw the truck I was so excited!!! I felt like a mom waiting outside the glass doors with her Kohls Cash in hand eagerly waiting to buy an entire wardrobe for $25. Stephen snatched those boxes and we ran up stairs and did a dry fit. I WAS IN LOVE!

While I am not an electrician, I have been fortunate enough to have friends who have a background and took the time to teach me on how to install a simple fixture. Heck, I already did the backdoor light, garage light, and office overhead light. Sweat equity saved me some moola that I was able to reinvest in other places... like these lights! We went ahead and powered everything off and shut off the breaker, tested the receptacle, un-wired, re-wired, taped, and installed the new fixture. Once we put our hue bulb in and powered everything back on... LET ME JUST SAY IT WAS MAGIC!

The power of paint goes hand in hand with the power of lighting. I just love how these stick dome casts the softest of patterned shadows on the ceiling. I mean, just look at these gems!

Now we couldn't just stop there, we had to add a task light. That is where my little black textured ceramic lamp from Target Threshold came in. It was the perfect fit for the vibe we are going for! The lamp has this subtle texture under the black finish and the crisp slightly coned shade keeps the traditional feel of it looking modern. She's small and cute!

When it comes to the mood of the room, the lighting is huge! That is why we use Philips Hue Lights for practically every light in our house. Having the lights on a timer that transition from the bluish morning light, to the mid-day white sunlight, to the yellowish sunset light, and finally the moody orangey antique light… I just love this so much! Lighting just makes all the difference. Seriously folks, if you haven't tried out Hue lights yet, you have got to. That is my unsponsored opinion of how much I love them!

Well kiddos, we have come to the end of our lighting adventure in the laundry room. How was Part 2? Is it leaving you as excited to see Part 3 as Part 1 did? I am so hyped about making this room over. I spend about an hour a day doing laundry (there are 5 of use right now), and having this little oasis has helped me enjoy my time in here so much more!

Until next time!


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