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Laundry Room Makeover WIP Part 1

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Do you have a project you have been dragging out for a couple weeks? Maybe a month, or lord knows a year? That would be out laundry room. One of the rooms most used in this house has been one of the last to receive its much needed attention. A little TLC is well over do... maybe?

When we moved into the house back in 2016 the laundry room was dull and basic. Cream cabinets, walls and molding was just a little too much in MHO. To be honest, the paint was splotchy, so keeping it as is was not in the cards. Don't even get me started on the boob lights with the spray textured on them. Boobs shouldn't have that much textured! Am I right?

Some things that the laundry room does have going for it are the modern gray tile floors, the ample amount of storage, and the window over the sink. It's a great room with a lot of working space where we not only do our laundry, but a good variety of other projects ranging from potting plants to sewing. Who doesn't like a little Laundry Craft room combo?

So where are we today? Well we have the cabinets, walls, doors, and molding painted. The walls are painted in Snowed In by Valspar, a neutral light white. The molding and doors are painted in Ultra White by Valspar which keeps them crisp and clean. The upper cabinets are pained in Du Joir by Valspar, which is a soft warm white, and the lowers are painted in Clary Sage by Valspar. I really wanted to throw color in the room, so the lowers seemed the best place to anchor it. It's a soft gray green that's giving me all the earthy vibes. Both cabinet colors were done using Valspar Kitchen Cabinet Enamel paint in satin. I've used the same type of paint for all the cabinets in my kitchen and bathrooms. It's been a great product that has lasted with minimal touch ups over 3 years. The knobs were the finishing touch to the cabinets after the paint. It is amazing what a little piece of hardware can do. They are a simple orb shape in satin nickle with a petite round base. I have been holding onto these for 2 years and finally had the chance to use them!

While we have gotten a lot done, there is still plenty to do! We are talking a total budget laundry room makeover here. The counter tops are pretty beat up and we will be switching those out to some butcher block in a natural tone. We also will be switching the sink and faucet out to stainless steel, and the boob lights to a nice rattan light with a black base. As for the rest, well we definitely will be mixing in our California Coastal meets Modern Rustic decor. Hello woven baskets, amber colored glass, and decorative jars! What do you think of my design dream board? Are you feeling the natural vibe?

Until next time!


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