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DW Home Candle Haul

I think it was about 3 years ago when I really started getting into candles. Before, it was just a few spritzes of Febreze or Glade when I wanted to "freshen" up a room. However at some point I wanted more then a refresh, I wanted something that added to the mood of the room. I had lighting down, and fabrics and textures as well, although something was missing. It was a signature scent! I wanted something that awakened the senses as you approached a room.

Fast forward to now and I have a very healthy candle habit! I think I buy a new one once a week with some that are tried and true, and others a new found experience. DW Home Candles have been my go to hands down. I usually buy them from Homegoods, Marshalls, or TJMaxx for a pretty fair price.

I love the range you can get from this brand. You have those that are floral and smell like you are walking through a garden. They have ones that are woodsy and smoky that make you feel like you are in the great out doors. I am obsessed with the ones that smell like barsoap or a nice cologne. DW Home even has ones that smell like a bag of lemons or a fun tropical drink! Their variety is amazing!

Generally, their large 90 hour candles can scent the entire first floor of our house and keep it smelling fresh all week long. Even when they aren't lit, if they were previously, their lovely scent lingers ever so faintly.

When it comes to candles as an accent piece, I usually opt for the small 33 or 56 hour ones. These ones can scent and entire room without taking up too much space!

Do I love candles? You bet your backside I do! I tend to use citrus and wood scented candles to energize, floral and soapy ones for a fresh and clean scent, and smoky and cologne scented ones for a more moody effect.

When it comes to adding that extra layer to any room, a scented candle is like the chocolate chips on you cookie dough ice cream. They are that little "umph" to bring it up a notch. I love DW Home Candles, and I buy them all the time. Completely unsponsored opinion here! I've used them enough to know my favorites and trust their quality to try new ones.

Next time you stop in Homegood or Marshalls, pick one up. You'll either add it to your collection, or start collecting yourself! =)

Until next time!


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