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DIY Living Room Board and Batten Wall


Guys, I have been meaning to get this post up and honestly with summer ending and school starting… I completely forgot! 😝

I have to say though, I love our board and batten wall… like a lot a lot.❤️ It was an easy project and something we had never attempted before. I’ve replaced molding in the house, but never installed something to this scale. Here is a walkthrough of this fun and somewhat entertaining project.😎

First we planned out the design. For our wall going with medium sized rectangles worked the best. We opted not to remove and replace the floor and crown molding since it ran through the entire house. Instead we are going to frame the board and batten as an focal piece!

Although our baseboard is smaller than most on our inspiration pictures, we made sure to kee the trim pieces to scale with our base and crown molding. In Home Depot we grabed our baseboard that was 3 1/2 inches wide, and went with 3 inch by 1/4 inch thick flat molding for the trim pieces.

Since we do not have saw, we had our pieces cut to size in the store. We had about 125 feet of molding cut for the project! We also opted to use pine molding because it was thinner than the MDF molding. Had we went with the MDF, it would have doubled the amount of overhang over our existing molding. We think the 1/4 inch with pine worked great because it lined right up with the baseboards.

When we finally got home we did a dry run. Sophie was not ammuzed.

Stacking everything up after, we had twenty seven pieces total. There were sixteen 23 inch pieces, seven 8 foot pieces, and two 13 foot pieces.

We ended up renting thr nailer from Home Depot as well. Not bad for $30!

For adhesion we used a combination of glue, tape, and nails. While we started with dabs of glue, we ended up running a glue line down the entire board.

Our first piece was the scariest! Trying to keep it level and in-line was difficult, but once glued, we taped and nailed it.

When we framed out the sides, we had to sand down the end of one of the boards due to the drywall not being level. Fit like a glove! As you can see, we upped the glue usage. 😅

We leveled everything because that wall was hella wonky! The house is 15 years old and some settling definitely took its toll.

We nailed about every 12 inches apart on the big boards and 6 inches on the small ones.

Once we got the frame up, putting the small pieces in went pretty quickly!

I think each small section took less than five minutes to confirm measurements, level, and secure. A few we had to re adjust due to cut inconsistencies, but that was an easy fix.😎

As we finished the installation of the boards we stepped back and admired our handy work. Not bad for a first try!

After that we filled and sanded the holes.

Thank goodness for caulking! We caulked the insides, joints, and edges.

For the project we opted to go over drywall. Using bards behind it or smoothing out the texture was not in the budget! The photos make it look way more textured than it really is.

As we began filling and caulking, the wall started looking much better! Filler and caulking got everything ready to be unified with paint. We ended up going with our cabinet color Di Jour by Valspar. It’s a soft natural white a little bit brighter than our wall color Snowed In by Valspar.

Just look at what a difference paint makes! Painting the entire wall really brought the project together by helping the board and batten almost disappear into the wall. It‘s there, just reserved and not in your face!😉

Add some furniture and lights and Shazam! Loving it!

It’s a nice backdrop to our casual living room. My only regret is that I took so long to try this and didn’t do it sooner.

And with our recent living room update, we added new pillow covers and a piece of art over the sofa. I love how the board and batten frames out the art! We made sure to have the art two inches higher than the molding so both stand out without looking all lined up.

Well guys, there you have it! I hands down love this project. I think I watched dozens of YouTube videos and posts on Pinterest on how to do this. The most nerve wracking part was lining up the molding, and thankfully there is caulking and filler to help those lines look level and tight!

Stay tuned for more board and batten projects. I want to add some to our den, dining room, and master bedroom. We are still trying to decide if we will keep it uniformed, or use different types for different rooms.

Until next time!


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