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Mood Board: A Mountain Boho Mod Bedroom

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

If there has been one thing I have been doing for quite a few years now is Dream Boarding. Something about having countless pictures at my fingertips and weaving those images together brings my creativity to life. Well, now that we have the blog going, I thought it best to start incorporating one of my favorite hobbies. =)

When I started out with this dream board the first thing that came to mind was sleep and mountains. Somehow, after many clicks later this gem was created. Hello Mountain Boho Mod Bedroom!

What I love about this bedroom idea is that everything is soft and special on its own. I drew inspiration from the mountain canvas over the bed. I've seen it in person at Target and it's quite nice! I kept the textures lite with soft cloudy grays and crisp whites. I threw in a great blue pattern print pillowcase set that gives a nod to the slopes in the artwork.

Now, If you know me, I LOVE WHITE BEDDING. Something about it feels clean, airy, comforting, and it makes for a great jumping off point to build a bedding story. I found a white textured Nate Berkus duvet and paired it with the gray striped quilt at the end of the bed. For a hint of fun, I used some Moroccan boho pillows with poofs to accent the front, and some causal beige striped pillowcases in the back. I felt like this room needed a mid century flare in order to keep it current instead of cabin, so I added a beige tufted head board and some iconic mid-mod nightstands in a natural wood finish.

When it comes to dressers and nightstands I tend to be in the no matching camp. There are so many different varieties of furniture out there; why limit ourselves? My general rule of thumb is that nightstands and dressers can be as similar or and different as you want them, as long as they play nicely together with the rest of the room. I chose the modern dresser for its dark casing and light drawers. I love how it just floats off the ground with its recessed base. The two colors of the dresser also pairs nicely with the standing mirror. IMO every bedroom should have a mirror. Why? Less traffic in bathrooms when you can look at yourself in your own room!

I added a chair because although we rarely sit in them in our rooms, they are a great place to drop a bag, a coat, or for your fur baby to take a nap on. The pillow on it was a little treasure I found on Amazon and something about the leather, black, and white really caught my eye! For the two framed art pieces each featuring a Persian rug, I wanted something to contrast the cool mountain colors and bring a little warmth. Speaking of warmth, I added the gray shear curtains from Ikea to filter the light and also keep the space cozy and moody.

Finally, the finishing touches! The rug is a style we have all seen online, and frankly because it is so versatile and snazzy. I love the cream and black pattern, and it being low pile makes it easier to vacuum. I used some restraint when accessorizing, adding a navy and white bowl for wallets and keys, a woven seagrass trinket to toss necklaces on, and a woven basket for a throw blanket or laundry. When picking out lamps, I wanted something that pulled from both types of art. I chose two textured ceramic green lamps that give a little retro vibe to the space. I love how they pull the color from the mountain art and the shapes tying into the rug art. Lastly, the candle. I love DW candles, and I knew instantly that for this room that their Classic Man candle would be perfect in both scent and color. All together, I think this was a pretty fun board to create that could be perfect for anyone who is a Zen Mountain Person at heart.

I hope you like the board and maybe there are a few pieces you will incorporate in your home as well!

See below for the links:

Panel Headboard

White Textured Duvet

Stripe Pillowcases

Blue Pattern Pillowcases

Gray Striped Quilt

Two Boho Black and Cream Throw Pillow Covers

Gray Chair

Leather Black and White Throw Pillow Cover


Navy and White Bowl

Seagrass Trinket

DW Classic Man Candle

Mildrun Gray Sheer Curtains

Two Rugs Framed Art

Mountain Art

2 Drawer Midcentury Nightstands



Oak and Metal Floor Mirror

Green Lamps

Until Next Time!


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