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Mood Board: A Mid Century Boho Inspired Living Room

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Ever had a dream where you wish you didn't have to wake up? Well the dream board this week might just be one of them! Could you imagine yourself in this Mid Century Boho living room? I can! All it needs is a martini straight up and an episode of Mad Men on the tv.

I don't know if it is the year, or the weather, but I have been falling back in love with Mid Century style furniture as of late. The birch colored Sven sofa from Article is a wonder Mid Century piece that anchors the room in a light and airy way. A pair of Isabella chairs in saffron adds a little spicy pizzazz to room. And those curved backs? LOVE! I used a combination of Boho and Farmhouse inspired throw pillows in order to keep the room current and not too themey.

Then again, subtle themes can be quite fun, so I paired two Ellwood midcentury style tables in walnut on each side of the sofa. On top two retro ceramic blue lamps and a brass modern clock give a little retro fun to the space. Adding in the faux marble coffee table gives the room a little modern glam boost without the maintenance. Red wine spills will not be a problem! Topping off that is a faux Monstera and a cream terracotta bowl. Next to the table I added a sage pouf so anyone could rest their legs or have a nice place for a fur baby to nap on.

Now, I am an advocate that if you are a tv person, your tv should be in your living space! Just make it look good though. =) The Centre Buffet from Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent is a handsome piece that makes a great base for a mounted tv. I chose a Vizio M Series 55" (yes, size is important) tv that will let anyone enjoy their favorite shows while they lounge on the sofa. And just to elevate the space a little more, I added a long teak wood tray on top of the buffet. It would be great for candles, moss balls, orbs, you name it!

When I saw the Moe Striped Area rug on Overstock I knew it would be a wonderful addition to the room that reinforces a light and airy feeling. It is also giving me a little Southwest vibes, you too? I like that its low pile, low cost, and soft colored... a triple win in my book!

To finish off the room, we added some landscape art above the sofa linking in the blues and greens throughout the room, and a double stack of modern art that could go on an opposing wall to give a little height. Speaking of height, did you see the faux fiddle leaf fig tree? So cute! It could go off to the side of the sofa, or next to the buffet, or in a corner to fill some negative space. Finally, the curtains, they are soft white, modern looking, and such a breath of fresh air tht brings a brightness to the room. Here is another way it could be set up!

Well, there you have it. Hope you enjoyed this little gem I "dreamed up". Maybe there are a few pieces you want to use in your own space? I have gone ahead and linked them below, unsponsored and unaffiliated! =)

Until next time!


Sven Sofa

Isabella Chairs

Coffee Table

Walnut Side Tables

Blue Ceramic Lamps


Farmhouse Pillow Covers

Navy Stripe Pillow Covers

Green Embroidered Burlap Pillow

Velvet Strip Boho Pillow Cover

Morocco Tuft Pillow Cover

Sage Pouf

Vizio TV

Centre Buffet

Teak Tray

Area Rug

Table Faux Monstera

Faux Fiddle Leaf Tree

Terracotta Bowl

Landscape Art

Modern Art


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