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Mood Board: A Masculine Modern Rustic Dining Room

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Even before many of us spent an entire year in our homes, the dining room was always something special in our house. As a kid, we ate dinner together every night in my grandmother's house, and as a young adult, I would throw together little dinner parties in my apartment for my friends. It wasn't until I met Stephen and we settled down together that dinner really became more of a ritual than a routine.

When I created this dream board, I couldn't help but think about the kind of dining room a single guy, or married, would want to enjoy a good meal with their friend(s) or significant other. I wanted something that said, a dude lives here, a dude who likes to sit back after a long day, have a good meal, and enjoy some good company and conversation.

As with any good dining room the table takes centerstage. I chose the Leona rustic farmhouse table with a smoke brown finish to anchor the room. With the table, I paired a few Studio McGee Linden dining chairs in black to amp up the mood. I love how these chairs are a modern interpretation of a Windsor style chair. At the heads of the table, two Arden upholstered chairs give a little comfort to the hosts.

With the lighting I wanted fixtures that called back to the Art Deco style and also was a little 70's retro. The Opalhouse Acrylic Chandelier and Glass Pineapple Lamps both fit the bill with their brass accents! Its an interesting and fun pairing. =) The lamps sit on the Alie dresser I found at Living Spaces. Something about the wood tone, style, and rattan is giving me all the 70's beach vibe. I like to use dressers as servers sometimes in dining rooms because they have great storage features and are a little unexpected! On top of the dresser I couldn't resist a bust of David. I mean, come on now, its a male work of art! Speaking of art, I LOVE the framed canvas featuring layered mountains. The colors in it are echoed though the entire space and give that mountainy feel.

With all this masculine energy in the room, I wanted to temper it with a little "flare", so I added a Persian rug filled with softer colors. I think that the lighter shades balance the stronger colors in the overall room palette. One of the colors I really wanted to reinforce in the room as an accent was shades of green. These colors can be seen in the wide vase on the table, the Sandalwood Sage DW candle, and the faux Eucalyptus tree. To balance those, I added in a black wood bowl on the dresser and a terracotta vessel on the table.

Finishing off the room, I used light green linen like curtains that give a muted natural feel. Now, I am someone who loves throw pillows, and believe me when I say I tried out several ones with patterns before I ended up with the gray ones. Something about the gray textured pillows remind me of a winter sweater that I wore in my college years. Its warm, bold, and has a depth to it that makes me want to sit back in that chair with a fine glass of wine and have a good conversation.

So, what do we think? Is this a room for you? Are there some things here you love and want to incorporate into your own home? Let me know! Maybe this room will inspire you to create a space where you can lounge over a hot meal, a good drink, and great company.

Until next time!


Leona Farmhouse Dining Table

Studio McGee Threshold Linden Chairs

Arden Upholstered Chair

Opalhouse Acrylic Chandelier

Opalhouse Pineapple Glass Lamp

Alie Dresser

David Bust

Layered Mountain Framed Art

Vintage Persian Rug

Faux Eucalyptus Tree

Green Vase

Sandalwood Sage Candle

Black Bowl

Terracotta Vessel

Light Green Curtains

Textured Throw Pillows

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