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Throw Pillows are Addicting

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

And I am good with that! I think I have always been a more is more person when it comes to pillows.

Let's backtrack though. Even when I had my own apartment, before the husband and I moved in together, every seating and lounging place had at least one decorative pillow on them. I remember when I moved in and he was like, "there are a lot of pillows here". Now I will say, there are never too many to where someone cannot sit down. In fact, the pillows in this house are all feather filled and we completely melt into them. Now that is a marriage of style and comfort!

Speaking of style, that has changed through the years. I had different phases where I preferred one type over the other. Velvet, texture, bold patterns, soft patterns, and so on. I'd like to think I am at a point where I have managed to blend them together to creates a look that makes me smile. Throw pillows complete the story of a room, they are like the reference you find at the bottom of the page in a book that solidifies a style. Each one has personality, and when you mix them all together, its a good party.

When it comes to sourcing them, I pretty much have found myself purchasing mostly from Amazon lately. They have an amazing selection for a great price, and at the rate I go through pillow styles, my pocketbook feels a sense of relief. I have pillows from Target and Ikea as well, although less from Target due to the type of pillow closures. I am one for pillows with covers that have zippers and can be washed. Zippers and feather inserts are a must, especially when your fur babies lie and drool all over them. I just don't get the same full and relaxed feel from poly-fiber than I do with feather filled pillows. I've noticed now that with the Target-Studio McGee line, more of their throw pillows have zipper closures on them. I even earmarked a few for purchase, once a sale kicks in.

I will close with this, if your room is missing a touch of something, try tossing in a throw pillow that speaks to the style you want. Maybe it is inspired by the types of clothes you wear. If you are a plaid person, throw in a plaid pillow! That pillow should give the piece of furniture a voice that says YOU. And of course, the more the merrier, but not so many to where it is overwhelming and uncomfortable. If you make an arrangement that makes you smile, stick with it. At least until the season or the mood changes. ;-)


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