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Bargain Book Haul

If there is one thing I love, is a good book… and what is another thing I love that start with the letter B? BARGAIN!

Last weekend Stephen mentioned he found Bargain Book World. It is a small shop just south of us at the Lake Elsinore Outlets. To say they had a good selection would be an understatement. It was amazing!

I loved it so much we got 14 books total!

And the topics…. Wow!

While I went for coffee table books, I found so much more!

While many of the covers were torn or stained, the hardbacks underneath were in great condition.

Just look at all those beautiful neutral colors. i love how they fit cohesively with our home‘s aesthetic.

One by one, each book found a place.

Ready for it? All 14 book together only cost $52. What a savings! I could have spent that same amount buying two books brand new. You know I love a good save!

Next time you need books for your home, make sure you check out your local bargain bookstore. You never know what little gems you might find.

Until next time!


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