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Amazon Pillow Covers for the Steal!

I have a secret… that I am SO excited to share. I’ve mentioned it before but I think it deserves more attention. My secret is Amazon is a FABULOUS THROW PILLOW SOURCE! That is my unsponsored opinion based on my healthy throw pillow habit! =)

I often get asked where do I get all my throw pillows from and everyone is pretty surprised that my go to source is Amazon. Heck, I was until I took a deep breath and submitted my first order. THERE WAS NO TURNING BACK!

The majority of the pillows I order from Amazon or either plaids/stripes, tribal/geometrics, and cotton velvets. There are so many different stores to order from and such a large variety that restraint is quite hard! Those low prices and 2-packs don’t hold back.

My love for throw pillows started when I used to shop for them at Target, CB2, and Ikea. Fast forward a few years later and Amazon has become my main source to purchase from. Sure, other stores have beautiful, handwoven, intricate, and fun designs… for a price! When shopping on Amazon, I tend to find pillow covers on there for 50% less than I would pay in the stores. Also, since I am buying a cover, its way easier to clean or change out, instead of ones that are seam surged.

Some of the stores on Amazon I have bought from are AmHoo, YourSmile, Woven Nook, EFOLKI, MerryColor, Natus Weaver, MIULEE, and much much more! I continue to find new stores every day to try out. And that is the best part about Amazon these days, you can order it from home, and if you don’t like it, you can pretty much drop it off at Kohl’s or UPS for a full refund. I love that! Nothing like a good time shopping with confidence and convenience.

Quality wise, I’d say it’s a 4 out of 5. There is something to be said about being able to feel the fabrics beforehand, so while there is a little risk, there is still that comfort you can return most of them. My key things I always look for are the material, a close up picture of it, the colors on the store photo and in the reviews, and if I can return it. Once those boxes are checked off, order time! And if they come in multiple sizes, A PLUS!!!

Now, I am in no way saying skip those designer pillows out there. If you have bucks to spend on $50-$100 a pillow cover, and it’s something you love, GO FOR IT!

If you’re like me and you save and splurge, mixing your Amazon finds with those decorator ones really helps the pocket book. Balance is key, right?

So next time you got that itch to add eighteen new pillow covers (or any other healthy number), check out Amazon first and see what you can find there. You might be surprised.

I’ve gone ahead and attached some samples below.

Until next time!


AmHoo Farmhouse

Natus Weaver Stripe

Natus Weaver Check

Your Smile Tartan

Woven Nook Kennedy

MIULEE Velvet Solid

MIULEE Jacquard



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