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A Moment in the Corner

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

I have heard over the last few years how designers create "moments" when combining furniture, décor, and lighting. I didn't quite get it myself, until I tried to create one. In doing so, I got what they were saying, that a moment is something that you create that catches your attention and invokes a feeling.

Our house is a lot bigger than our last one, at least by 3,000 square feet, so when we took on the task of renovating and decorating, there were way more opportunities for a "moment". Now, don't get me wrong, our first house was cozy and quaint; it just didn't have a lot of space to fully express ourselves. However, now with the big house, it seems those little moment's are more precious and impactful since they have more to stand out from.

So far, my favorite moment we created was in a literal corner in the Breakfast Nook.

For the first two years we lived here, this corner was nothing but an empty cat hair collector. Nothing, other than the curtains were there. While still to this day it is a cat hair collector, its one with a little bit more style. ;-)

I think it all started with the the faux fiddleleaf fig tree in the corner. We picked up that Hearth and Hand gem at Target on a whim one day. While it came with a cute terracotta pot, we weren't really feeling it with the chairs and the floor. Cue in one of our laundry baskets; instant upgrade. Sometimes shopping in your home can yield the best results! It was at that point there was no turning back, the corner called out for more. It needed some pizzazz.

Now I had been eyeballing those two Shibori pictures from Target for a while now, but I really didn't have a place pinned for them yet. Now I did. I love how the deep navy plays with the cognac of the chairs and green from the tree. However, once started, the decorating couldn't be stopped. I also ended up picking up the knit poof from Target as well, and another basket from Homegoods for some blankets and pillows I found on Amazon. It is amazing how these few items brought this one corner together.

While some might think it's a little much, I say bah to that! That poof is used daily by the cats as a lookout while they watch the birds flying in the courtyard. The basket with the fiddleleaf fig tree is also used by them, however more as a place to hide in preparation of pouncing on their brothers or sisters. As for the basket with the pillow and blankets, well, I use the blankets usually in the morning when eating at the table. It's design meets function, and I am always cold. The pillow, well... it's pretty, and pretty much only used to prop up a kiddo at the table.

It is interesting how these parts, these little décor items who are cute on their own, together make the best of a dull place. I walk by this spot every morning, either to the office, the kitchen, or to take the dogs out back. It makes me smile. It makes me happy. It's our home, and it is a moment that we get to experience everyday, whether we use it or not.

Moments don't have to be just a corner, they can be practically anything. Moments are are things that you create that catches your attention and invokes a feeling. It can be a stack of books your grandma gave you, a piece of furniture you had been saving up for and now proudly own, or a trinket from a friend. Maybe its a place where you and your significant other relax on a Saturday morning, or a collection of items you pieced together over the years. That "moment" you create brings feelings and memories, no matter how big or small they are.


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