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Mood Board: A Desert Inspired Rustic Modern Lounge


It has been a month and boy has it been busy! I wanted to jump right back into things and share my inspiration for a lounge. We’ve been redoing our den, which used to be a four-seater lounge and I couldn’t help but imagine a different version of it!

I could imagine sitting in this room, looking over the Arizona desert at sunset, sipping on a dry cabernet with tobacco and chocolate notes. Doesn’t it just make you want to sit back and relax?

I mean... can we just say how much we love a good traditional rug and modern chair combination?❤️

I picked this chair for three reasons: 1. The color keeps it light and airy.

2. The swivel feature and wide seat make it ideal for lounging, relaxing, and conversation.

3. I love the wood base accent.

And what about the sideboard? I love the high contrast between the dark stain and light fabric. This piece definitely grounds the room and adds that sleek posh feel it needed. Not to mention the storage, and lord knows we all need more storage!

When it came to lighting I wanted to throw some rustic and traditional accents in the space. I adore the angular curve of the floor lamp and the earthy texture of the ceramic lamp. It is amazing how the ridges bring that extra layer of detail to life in the lamp.

One thing I love to do is include different types of textures in a space to give it some unexpected variety. While a sleek dark stained coffee table could do, why not go with a wild card? Throwing out the matchy matchy I went with a light wood rattan table. Just like the chairs, the nuetral wood tone contrasts nicely with the dark sideboard.

All in all, I love how the design of this room incorporates different styles that all cohesively mesh well together. From the traditional Persian style rug, to the modern lines of the sideboard, all the way to the enveloping chair profiles, and boho inspired coffee table, everything plays nicely together in the sandbox.

I hope you found some pieces here you want to incorporate into your home. Maybe even try something a little different than usual. If anything sparks your interest, you can find them linked below. 😊

Until next time.



Swivel Chair

Rattan Coffee Table

Floor Lamp

Ceramic Lamp


Area Rug

Large Framed Canvas


Faux Olive Tree

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