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A Case For Color

If you haven’t guess by now, I LOVE COLOR!

Now granted, I love my neutrals, they are the perfect foundation for that pop of color that really gives a space their personality. But I have to ask, what if that pop can become a splash? What if your room could be drenched in ceiling to floor color? You might be thinking I am talking about paint, but I am not!

I am talking about lighting. Hello Philips Hue Bulbs! Anyone who has been to our house knows we LOVE our Philips Hue Bulbs. We have had them for about four years now and adore the way they can change a room just by the flick of a finger across our iPhones or a request to Alexa.

Now, we generally use their ambiance lighting in our house, going from that pale white with a blue hue in the morning, to that deep yellow-orange in the evening. The range on the ambiance lighting is perfection! But that isn’t what I am talking about today. I am talking about Color!

Give me that fuchsia, that sea green, deep navy, cabernet red, purple; I could go on and on. Sometimes the lights match the theme of a movie. Sometimes we pretend we are in a restaurant at dinner and change the colors to match the inspiration for the meal. Birthday cake colors make any birthday something special!

In the last year many of us had to stay home. We had to find creative ways to bring the outside in. One way we did that was bringing back that bar feeling with lighting colors. When we used to go out to the bars for a drink, the bars were illuminated with color. Some rainbow, some pink and purple for ladies night, some yellow and purple for sports night (or whatever team is playing), you get the point. These lights help make it 5:00 somewhere, anywhere, in our house. =)

As things are opening back up now, and we start to venture back out, it is nice knowing a little bit of the bar is still at home should we want to stay home, enjoy a drink, and binge watch the tv. Have you ever watched the Matrix with green lighting? Or The Handmaids Tale with red lights? How about the Little Mermaid with lights set to all the sea colors ranging for aqua, cyan, navy, green… it’s quite magical to say the least!

If you haven’t tried Philips Hue, give it a shot. All it took was a sample from my friend’s living room to get me intrigued, which lead to a buying frenzy! Clip those coupons, buy on a special sale, and make some color magic happen! And did I say kids love it? Oh yes they do! It helps give their bedrooms the personality they desire!

I definitely will talk about these little gems more.

Until next time.


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