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6 Rules for Shopping Online

Honestly, I love shopping online. It’s come to the point that it’s a preference where if I see something in a store I like, but wish it was in a different color or fabric, I’ll pray and search online.

An online option can give you different colors, sizes, materials, and more all at the touch of a finger tip. The World Wide Web has become this digital market where there is something for everyone. Having so many options at the click of a button not only enhances our shopping experience, it also elevates our expectations and imagination.

There are entire stores I never heard of or would have bought from if it wasn't for online. That being said; it’s not all rainbows and unicorns. There is an ugly side to shopping online. Sometimes, there can be a few “surprises” that can give way to disappointment and buyer’s remorse. Well, that risk can be relatively alleviated by following five simple rules.

  1. A picture is worth a thousand words! That’s right, we buy based off how something is presented to us. Is it dressed up? Is there good lighting? Has a filter been applied? It is always best practice to take what you see at face value and then look up review photos. That will give you a real impression of how the item you are eyeing will look in person.

  2. Measurements are key! Always look up the sizing of an item, and if possible, get out a ruler and some tape for large items in order to get an idea of size and scale.

  3. Materials matter! When shopping in a store you can touch what you want to buy. Online you have to go by the picture and the description in order to get an idea of what the item is like in person. If you aren’t familiar with the material, try to find it in person to see if it’s something you will actually like.

  4. Read the description thoroughly! This ties in with 2 and 3. Is it one curtain panel or two? Is it specifically for indoor, or can it be used outdoor as well? How is the material sourced? Is it part of a set? It can go on and on, just make sure you do your homework!

  5. You get what you pay for! While this is true for shopping in person too, if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. Unless you are buying secondhand, ask yourself why the item is so low in cost and whats the story behind the item and company. Realistically, that is where logic meets expectation when looking at comparables.

  6. Delivery is a wildcard! I myself have ordered online an awesome product from a good retailer that met my expectations… and the delivery completely sucked. Damaged items can end up wasting time and money. If delivery doesn’t work for you, shop in store instead. Do not settle for something damaged that you paid your hard earned money for… unless you get a discount you can live with!

All in all it’s always a risk, sight unseen, however it is this guy’s opinion that it’s worth it… from success to oddities, online shopping offers a variety that no warehouse can match, and no single store can carry. And, sometimes the epic fails of products or deliveries is worth the laugh, before a speedy return that is. :-)

Until next time!



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